Please help support Jorge and Marcela and their family.

Jorge and Marcela are the owners of 2MIX restaurant, a small family-owned business in Corvallis, Oregon. They are know by all of their customers for their cheerful and outgoing attitudes. They have a kindness about them that you can feel the moment you walk into the feels like being welcomed home. Sadly, a terrible tragedy took place on Monday when their 5 year old son, Tomas, lost his life. The family needs all the support they can get from our community.

The tragic loss of a child is unexpected and the most painful event in any parent's life. The financial burden is also very unexpected and does not need to be added to the painful change in their lives that will last forever. We ask you to give what you can to help Jorge and Marcela in covering the expenses for the memorial of their beloved son. Any proceeds they receive will allow them to obtain the help they need to keep their business open as the try to heal together as a family with their other young son. All love, prayers and positive energy are appreciated.

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